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Information for Owners

Offical Documentation for the Seaport Condominium Trust:

"Owner's Manual"

Master Deed

Declaration of Trust

Financial Reports - Contact the manager for financial reports

Contractor Information
Any licensed contractor can work in the building once they provide the office with a copy of their insurance certificate.

Work on individual units can only be done Monday through Friday between 8am and 4pm.
No construction work can be done on the weekends or holidays.

Download a pdf file of contractors who are familiar with the building and whose insurance certificates are on file in the office:

Contractor List

Board of Trustees Meeting Dates:

The schedule of Meetings of the Board of Trustees and Unit Owners for the upcoming term is as follows. All meetings will be held on a Thursday at 7:00pm in the Seaport lobby.

The agenda for each meeting will be posted in advance. Unit Owners should contact the Management Office two weeks prior to any meeting if they have a specific item to be discussed at the meeting so that it can be added to the agenda.

The Board of Trustees will continue to meet regularly. Any concerns that arise in between the scheduled meetings should be addressed with Management or by contacting

Past Meeting Minutes:

April 23, 2015 - Annual Meeting

January, 15, 2015

July 24, 2014

April 30, 2014 - Annual Meeting

February 26, 2014

December 18, 2013

October 30, 2013

August 28, 2013

June 26, 2013

April 24, 2013 – Annual Meeting

March 27, 2013

January 30, 2013

November 28, 2012

September 26, 2012

July 25, 2012

May 30, 2012

April 25, 2012

March 28, 2012

February 29, 2012

January 25, 2012